Say Hello to the New Nylas

Today, Nylas is proud to unveil our new brand as we continue on our mission to drive innovation and harness the power of communications data.

Say Hello to the New Nylas

As businesses evolve, so must their brand. While the mission at Nylas has, and always will be to unlock the true power of communications data, today is both a pivotal moment in both our history and our trajectory as we unveil our new brand.

As Chief Marketing Officer at Nylas, I have the privilege of seeing firsthand how Nylas is improving both the personal and professional lives of millions of people around the world. We are constantly hearing from both customers and the developer community about the positive impacts of Nylas, both big and small. It is through these stories that we’ve come to understand that Nylas is a part of something bigger than itself. It is what motives us every day and what has inspired us to curate a new brand that reflects the innovative spirit that Nylas instills within our customers.

We believe in disruptors and innovators

We’re committed to helping companies and their developers around the world unlock the true power of communications data and remove complexity when building frictionless experiences and workflows. We believe that by empowering developers and teams to innovate and disrupt, we can build a better future.

We are constantly identifying new ways in which Nylas can play a vital role in the way people work and live. This mindset has been instrumental to the success of the business and the way we design and build our products and features, so it is only fitting that we want our new brand to honor our ethos.

Supercharging our impact

True innovation requires more than just access to disruptive technology. It requires clear, concise, and updated data, along with the ability and time to focus. When this all comes together, transformational and truly creative sparks can fly. This is when innovation transforms into impact, and can help change individuals, teams, and communities for the better. 

Nylas is directly tackling the challenges of innovation, inspiration, and impact directly within our product and development, and now, within our brand. We’ve launched new features and partnerships that improve the way organizations can access, structure, and share rich communications data and experiences. We’ve infused our platform with intelligence and automation to ensure that development teams can work smarter and more efficiently, and we’ve extended our reach across countless industries and verticals, helping a global community of builders see the big picture and do their best work.

Harness the power of your communications data

Our mission is simple, to empower businesses and teams to harness the power of their communications data, it is what underlies all the work we do at Nylas. Our unique ability to turn communication into inspiration has been a core component throughout the process of evolving and refreshing our brand. What started as a way to make communication channels such as email, calendar, and contacts easier to work with has evolved into much more, and while the mindset and mentality that brought us to this point will never go away, it is important that we address the global reach and broader purpose that has evolved with our products and services.

The Nylas brand now reflects our big and bold mission and purpose, and expresses our excitement and optimism about our future.

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