Harness Real-time Email Insights With Nylas Streams

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    As the role of communications data continues to evolve, so must the approach to consume and leverage this context-rich resource. Teams must adopt a new mindset and new processes in order to scale and drive value across business lines. A host of analytics tools exist to capture and analyze marketing, sales and financial data, however, there is still a wealth of untapped data that organizations have yet to unearth. Data teams have traditionally struggled to find efficient ways to extract, transform, and load (ETL) their semi-structured customer communications and have instead relied on more accessible (but significantly more passive) tools to uncover insights.

    Now, more than ever, businesses are under pressure to leverage real-time insights to make strategic business decisions. With over 300 communication services providers on the market, data teams are increasingly questioning why they don’t have an easy or centralized way to unlock value from their data. Customers use email, calendars, and other mediums every day, and as organizations continue to invest in customer experiences, this data should be mined to understand behaviors and build better products. 

    Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that organizations face, and how teams can leverage real-time ETL solutions to drive retention and create positive user experiences:

    Data warehouses cannot easily integrate with semi-structured data

    ✓ Transform and stream your semi-structured communications data into the leading cloud data warehousing and data processing solutions.

    Data warehouses analyze and tap into structured business data like Salesforce and Google Analytics; however, communications data from email, calendar, and contacts providers is unstructured. While this information poses a greater challenge to analyze, it has the potential to provide invaluable customer insights needed to drive retention and increase revenue. Additionally, this semi-structured communications data requires data engineers to write a lot of code or rely on backend engineers to build the appropriate integrations due to its fragmented nature. In order to easily leverage and garner insights from this type of data, teams need a simplified real-time ETL solution requiring little to no code. Nylas’ newest offering, Nylas Streams, transforms semi-structured communications data into an optimal format for consumption. This means that engineers, data scientists and technical leads alike can access communications and AI/ML data faster and with fewer lines of code — all via the Nylas Dashboard and Google Marketplace.

    Teams do not have the tools or time to extract and analyze communication data

    Focus on the analytics, not the code – Nylas does all the heavy lifting to integrate your communications data into your desired infrastructure.

    While organizations traditionally rely on data from sales and marketing tools, teams have the opportunity to leverage more efficient ways to analyze unstructured customer communications. Inability to access data and poor data quality continue to be cited as a hindrance to digital transformation and streamlined business processes. Successful engineering and development teams must work smarter, not harder, to leverage analytics and technology appropriately. With solutions such as Nylas Streams, teams can gain complete visibility into their communications data to enable better decision making and deliver valuable insights. With little to no code, teams can tap into real time data, and in a matter of minutes, extract, transform, and load this data into a warehouse of their choice. This process allows you to save months of development time while delivering actionable insights to key stakeholders. 

    Manual data extraction creates a bottleneck within organizations

    ✓ Leverage real-time and holistic views of data and analytics of communications data to guide business decisions.

    It is no secret that data extraction can be a time consuming and laborious task. Oftentimes, teams spend hours at a time manually extracting data and building reports, slowing down time-to-value. Simplified ETL solutions  empower organizations with the knowledge and opportunity to innovate by leveraging data to scale and enhance teams. With 360 view into customer email data, engineers and developers are equipped with the tools to proactively consume, analyze, and use communications data. Communications data is a vast pool of potential innovation. Tapping into these datasets can drive significant revenue opportunity and minimize workload — greatly increasing the stature of engineering departments in an organization. Gone are the days of bottlenecking projects due to manual processes. The key to success here is adopting effective platforms to effectively scale and unlock real time analytics.  Leverage technology that can bring you to best-in-class quickly and empower you to go beyond.

    Imagine this: An e-commerce company is looking for insight into customer behavior to provide tailored experiences to end users and drive sales. Platforms using Nylas Streams can stream purchase emails into a data warehouse to provide insight into consumer trends. By harnessing email data, Nylas Streams enables teams to become more tactical, improve outreach, and increase revenue.

    Are you ready to help your organization leverage real-time data and deliver unparalleled insight? See how Nylas Streams works today and get started for free now.

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