Keep Track of your Nylas Invoice History with Ease

Keep Track of your Nylas Invoice History with Ease

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When it comes to integrating with the Nylas API (or any other API for that matter), we know managing your resources is an important consideration. Let’s take a look at how you can easily stay on top of your paid invoices and get this year off on the right foot. 

How Billing Works at Nylas

First, let’s get a quick overview of how billing works at Nylas. Nylas bills on the first of the month for the previous month’s usage – and usage is determined by multiplying the number of active accounts by the effective price per account for your organization’s billing plan. 

How exactly is an active account defined? An active account is defined as one that has its billing_state set to paid for any period of time within a given month. In order to check an account’s billing state, you can make a GET call to the /accounts/{account_id} endpoint:

curl -X GET '{client_id}/accounts/{account_id}}' \

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

-H 'Authorization: {client_secret}' \

The account object you receive in response will have the ‘billing_state’ as an attribute and look something like this:

    "account_id": "9c5cf3x4hgvwaoox2txxxxxxx",
    "billing_state": "paid",
    "email": "",
    "id": "9c5cf3x4hgvwaoox2txxxxxxx",
    "provider": "eas",
    "sync_state": "running",
    "trial": false

The first time an account is added it will automatically have a billing_state that is paid

For more information about how billing works, check out our docs here!

Your Billing Dashboard 

Now, you can view your paid invoice by at any point by logging into your Nylas dashboard.  In the top right corner, click on the drop-down menu next to your name, and you will see ‘Billing’ underneath ‘Organization’. Clicking on ‘Billing’ will take you to a screen that looks like this:

nylas billing dashboard

In one place, you can conveniently see how many accounts are active, add or remove a card, and download a PDF of paid invoices. Now that you’ve got that sorted, go ahead and explore what the Nylas API can do!

Start Building your Nylas Integration Today

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Set up Postman – Postman makes it easy to explore the Nylas Email API.


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