Nylas Raises $120 Million to Accelerate Productivity APIs for Work Automation

New fundraise to emphasize developer experiences and innovation as businesses continue prioritizing API-driven digital transformation

Nylas Raises $120 Million C-Round to Accelerate Productivity APIs for Work Automation

We founded Nylas with a mission to automate work through APIs. We started with email and scheduling, the foundation to all business workflows, powering billions of connections between our customer’s applications and all email service providers in the world. With this advancement, developers could integrate with one API and connect to hundreds of email and calendar service providers.

Since then, we’ve extended our product capabilities far beyond connectivity into security, automation, intelligence, and UI/UX; effectively automating processes that give users as much as 20% of their time back each week. We enable omni-channel, end to end workflows across email, SMS, Slack, and MS Teams.

We’ve built an amazing team of over 160 Nylanauts spread out across offices in San Francisco, New York, Denver, Toronto, London, and Amsterdam. We serve customers across more than 25 countries in all industries from healthcare to real estate, sales and marketing automation, legal, finance, travel, IoT, and more. This past year alone we powered millions of vaccine appointments to help the world combat COVID – and we’re just getting started.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Nylas has raised a $120M Series C financing round led by Tiger Global. With this new wave of investment, we will advance Nylas’ mission to make the world more productive with help from APIs and continue to grow our global team. The round closed with participation from existing investors Citi Ventures, ScaleUP Ventures, and Slack Fund, as well as new investors Owl Rock Capital, a division of Blue Owl, Fathom Ventures, and individual contributions from John and Patrick Collison, Co-Founders of Stripe, Sebastian Siemiatowski, CEO of Klarna, and Tony Faddell, Founder of Nest Labs and Principal of Future Shape. We’re also excited to welcome John Curtius, Partner at Tiger Global, to our Board of Directors. 

The investment paves the way to Nylas’ status as a multi-billion dollar company and allows us to scale our team and our technology even faster. The future for work automation has never been brighter, and we’re excited to contribute to this movement.

The API Impact

From the start, my Co-Founder & CTO, Christine Spang and I recognized the value in making it easy for developers and companies to abstract, structure, and decipher data through a simple and secure API integration. We set out to create a platform for companies to build software that automates manual processes, increases productivity, and reimagines what modern software development can do. And over the last eight years, we’ve helped our customers do some amazing things:

  • Dialpad built full support for Gmail, Office 365, and all versions of Microsoft Exchange contact in just two days with one engineer.
  • Pipedrive used our email API integration to add new pricing tiers and offerings, generating millions in increased revenue while saving months of engineering time.
  • With just one engineer and in less than two days, Fountain built a calendar integration that was both contextual and functional with both personal and work calendars. 

APIs have long been critical to business communications and workflows and with the explosion of software and fundamental shift towards digital transformation have become the backbone that is driving modern interactions and innovation. 

The migration to the cloud combined with an increased ease of integration has offered businesses a flexible and scalable way into reshaping their infrastructure and ecosystems for today’s digital and global economy. As a result, APIs have evolved into more than simply a tool providing access to critical data and services, they are now the digital key to unlocking productivity and the ability for developers to build transformative products and cutting edge experiences.

The emphasis on connectivity and productivity will only continue to increase as businesses continue recognizing that empowering developers with the modern tools and applications can have significant impacts across the entire business.

We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

I’m incredibly proud of all that Nylas has accomplished and grateful for all who have supported and contributed to Nylas over the years. We wouldn’t be here without our amazing team, customers, partners, investors, and the developer community.

As humbled as I am to see how far we have come, I am ever more excited to see what comes next. Our journey is far from over and the impact that we can have is just starting to be felt. I believe the next chapter will truly be our greatest one yet, as we continue our mission of making the world more productive.

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