What's Next for Nylas in 2022

What’s next for Nylas in 2022

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    This past year alone, we helped over 1,000 customers realize the true potential of their communications data by powering billions of interactions for over 200 million unique people world-wide. Interactions involving everything from email correspondence between recruiters and job candidates, to millions of individuals scheduling their COVID vaccination appointments. We processed more than 12 billion API requests and more than 100TB of data EACH DAY and are proud to have over 100,000 developers using our platform in nearly 40 countries around the world.

    Companies and developers in industries such as healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, HR & recruiting, and so much more, are using Nylas everyday to quickly and securely stand up email, scheduling, and work automation features in their applications. With Nylas, cutting edge companies like Upwork, Lever, Pipedrive, Wix and Salesloft are increasing their revenue by extracting data and key insights from communications data. Everyday, we are giving developers time back by making it simpler to automate repetitive tasks with little to no code. We’ve helped companies save hundreds of thousands of hours in development time and resources, enabling them to accelerate their time to market with best-in-class features.

    2021 was a true testament to our resilience and dedication to digital transformation. It certainly brought challenges as we saw COVID cases reach a record high, but there was also evidence of our strength in the face of adversity. Our teams continued to prioritize customer needs while working remotely to power and build the APIs that developers use daily. We extended our product capabilities far beyond connectivity, embracing automation, AI/ML workflows, and UI/UX as the foundation of every integration. As we continue to release products and features, like Nylas Streams, that push the envelope for communications data, we are seeing the power of innovation as we bring streamlined functionalities such as inbox parsing, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and omnichannel reminders to the market.

    In 2013, we started with email and scheduling, the largest untapped data sources in the world the foundation to all business workflows, powering billions of connections all over the world. With this advancement, developers could easily access  insights; and with a few clicks and an API integration, connect to hundreds of email and calendar service providers. 

    Fast forward to today and not only are we experiencing 115% YoY employee growth and a 365% increase in bookings, but we were recognized by Comparably in categories including Best Company for Diversity (Ranked #1), Best Company Happiness, Best Company Leadership, Best CEO and Best Perks. This investment in people and process could not have been possible without the $120M Series C financing round, announced last June.

    2022 – Turning Communication into Inspiration

    As we plan for the year ahead, we are excited to continue to grow and support even more developers and businesses globally. When our team thinks about success at scale, we think about not only our customers, but also our amazing team of Nylanauts around the world. We are seeing increased market share in industries such as e-commerce and shipping and logistics, and to prioritize these lines of business we plan to grow our team across all departments including engineering, sales, marketing and customer support. 

    Our culture is top of mind as we continue to nurture and grow an organization that values diversity, inclusivity and collaboration. By empowering our team, we can inspire organizations to build a better future.

    Speaking of a better future, we are thrilled for what is on the horizon this coming year. Not only will Nylas accelerate our investments in areas like AI and automation, but we will ensure that developer communities are equipped with the modern tools needed to make better and more strategic decisions. Together we can streamline workflows and create more meaningful customer experiences across all communication channels.

    Here at Nylas, we are looking forward to an exciting year of growth and expansion, and we want to thank you for taking this journey with us. 

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